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Welcome to Fiddle Week!

Join us every Labour Day Weekend, as Riverside Park becomes Fiddle Park, and thousands flock to Pembroke to enjoy traditional fiddle music and step dancing. Get our your dancing shoes and rosin up your bow! It's family fun at its best.

It started in 1975, when a group of friends who loved to get together and play their fiddles decided it was time to make it an annual event!

Brian Adam, Romeo Levasseur, Jim Hickey, Tommy Leclerc, Mike Berrigan were key to the success of the event at the time, and throughout the years, more people have volunteered their time and talent to ensure that The Old Time Step Dancing and Fiddling Competition endures, including: Diane Hickey, Ray Harnish, Don Rosine,Richard Jones, Dan Shryer and Laurie Serran.

Fiddlers, dancers and friends of the event begin arriving at Riverside Park the week prior to the actual competition, as the City of Pembroke hands the park over to the volunteers, and it is transformed into Fiddle Park and home for a week of music, fun and friends!

Our Cultural Heritage
The Fiddles of Pembroke and the Valley

The Pembroke area boasts many, many musicians who are either masters or disciples of the fiddle. Their melodies draw on the various ethnic styles of the Ottawa Valley. French tunefulness, Celtic dissonance, German rhythms and playfulness fill the souls of our talented artists. Sudden stops, syncopations and improvisations are all propelled by a powerful and unmeasured bow style.

The hub of the Ottawa Valley is one of Canada's great fiddling regions where the fiddle still holds tremendous importance. Here, loggers worked all winter in the logging camps until just a few years ago and electricity only came through some areas as late as the 1970's. Pioneers from Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany and Poland came with their axes, saws and fiddles and cleared the way towards a unique style of playing that combines characteristics of them all.

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Pembroke & Area Fiddling Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 1329
Deep River, ON    K0J 1P0
Telephone: (613) 635-7200

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