The Ottawa Valley Tourist Association

The Ottawa Valley is rich in natural resources; the power of the Ottawa River is harnessed for electricity and its forests are harvested for wood, pulp and paper. Bounded on the northern side of the Ottawa River by the rock Canadian Shield, and in the southern end by the ancient Laurentian Hills, towering rock cuts and verdant forests.

Ottawa, Canada's capital city, is at the eastern lower tip, and the wilderness of Algonquin Provincial Park rises to the northwest, encompassing the Valley with everything from city life, to urban sprawl to prestine wilderness and everything in between.

The Ottawa Valley harbours clean water, from over 900 lakes and four major river systems, fresh air and a healthier lifestyle. Residents and tourists alike are beckoned to many outdoor recreational opportunities.

Over 400 species of wild birds and animals make their home in the Ottawa Valley including bluebirds, thrushes, wrens, owls, turkeys and the rare red-shouldered hawk.

Renfrew County encompasses 2400km of groomed local and TOP snowmobile trails throughout its postcard villages and rolling woodlands. Many hiking and biking trails across the Ottawa Valley present unique opportunities for exploration, nature and historical interpretation.

As summer wanes and days shorten, the Ottawa Valley landscape changes from brilliant green to glorious reds and golds, which make perfect conditions for fall auto and cycle touring.

The climate in the Ottawa Valley is noted for its four distinct seasons. Warm, wet months of spring bring forth a hot, dry summer season which in turn changes to the clean, cool, crisp days of fall.

Winter's cloak of cold temperatures comes with a blanket of snow, and throughout the year, residents of the Valley revel in the great outdoors with seasonal activities designed to feed the Canadian spirit.

Outdoor activities abound, from skiing, snow-mobiling and skating to swimming, boating, kayaking, camping and hiking. Several indoor recreation complexes offer recreational and leisure programs and courses year round.


The Ottawa Valley Tourist Association (OVTA) is a non-profit organization designed to stimulate and promote tourism in Renfrew County.

Our goal is to create a presence in the tourism marketplace. In order to position the Ottawa Valley as an interesting and popular travel destination in the minds of travelers, a joint effort among tourism suppliers and OVTA’s dedicated tourism staff is required.

Through a team approach, we are able to generate cost effective, professional, strategic marketing initiatives that will enhance your existing marketing plans. As well, the OVTA is here to assist your business with future growth by keeping you up to date with current trends, sharing resources and providing networking opportunities.

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