Marching Toward The Millennium

<b>Peter White</b>
<b>1828 to 1899</b>
<b>1910 to 1919</b>
<b>1920 to 1929</b>

‘A celebration of the pioneer and entrepreneurial spirit of the people of Pembroke since 1828’. "Marching Toward the Millennium is a 264 foot long mural whose first figure is Peter White (1794-1878), Founder of Pembroke. The last figure is Pembroke’s first baby born in 2000 and her mother. Two hundred figures plus styles of transportation and clothing mark the passages of time. A destination mural: brochures with full description are available.

Artist: Pierre Hardy, 2000

Sponsors: Canada Millennium Partnership Program, City of Pembroke, Giant Tiger Pembroke, PPG Canada Inc. Pittsburgh Paints, Pembroke Multicultural Association, Greater Petawawa Civitan Club, Kings Sports [Pembroke] Inc., Irvcon Ltd., the People of Pembroke and Area.