Audio Mural Tour

 Pembroke Heritage Murals Audio Guide
The Heritage Mural Committee provides the City with an annual updated Mural Tour for Pembroke’s Visitor's Guidebook. As more people now have greater access to digital information a FREE downloadable Mp3 audio version has also been created so you can enjoy your own personal guided tour of one of Canada's largest outdoor art galleries! The print version will continue to be available inside the free Guidebook.

Click here to load the Digital Audio Mural Tour (MP3)

Audio Tour Credits:  

Sound Production - The House of Music

Narrator: Dave Henderson

Executive Producer: Pamela Dempsey, Chair of Heritage Murals

The Tour follows the order of the print version and provides verbal breaks between descriptions so people can move on to the next Mural. Listeners can also navigate to the Mural in front of them or to one they are particularly interested in. The Audio Mural Tour provides indepth details and information about each mural.

This Audio Tour is a free service and can be found here (To save to your computer, right click on the link and choose Save As...). The recorded Tour itself is 54 minutes long MP3 format, and takes a few minutes to download. There will be a link on the City’s web site, Heritage Murals page, to the Downtown Pembroke site. We trust everyone who enjoys Pembroke’s Outdoor Art Gallery will add this to their audio files.