Pembroke Heritage Murals ©

<b>Peter White</b><br />Artist: Robert Garneau, 1991
<b>The Lumbering Industry</b><br />Artist: David Yeatman, 1994
<b>Pointer Boats</b><br />Artist: Crag Campbell, 1990
<b>Old Time Riddling and Stepdancing</b><br />Artist: John Ellenberger, 1995
<b>The Hockey Players</b><br />Artist: Stefan Bell, 1990
<b>Pembroke Street Lights</b><br />Artist: Pierre Hardy, 1991
<b>Canadian Armed Forces - At The Ready</b><br />Artist: Robin Burgesse, 1992
<b>Pembroke's Swallows - Canada's Capistrano</b><br />Artist: Neil Blackwell, 1990
<b>The Town Smithy</b><br />Artist: John Ellenberger, 1994
<b>Marguerite d'Youville and Her Mission</b><br />Artist: Pierre Hardy, 1992
<b>S.J. Webb Bakery</b><br />Artist: Pierre Hardy, 1991
<b>The Great Fire of 1918</b><br />Artist: David Yeatman, 1993
<b>The Timber Raft</b><br />Artist: Pierre Hardy, 2004
<b>The Steamboat</b><br />Artist: Karole Marois, 1995
<b>Champlain Trail</b><br />Artist: Pierre Hardy, 1991
<b>Pembroke Hydro</b><br />Artist: Randy Chester, 1990
<b>Spring Harvest: An Artist's Sketchbook</b><br />Artist: Robin Burgeese, 1990
<b>The Ice House</b><br />Artist: Pierre Hardy, 1991
<b>A Celebration of Rural Living</b><br />Design: Barbara Blackstein, Artist: Marillyn Saffery, 1994
<b>Grand Trunk Union Station</b><br />Artist: Robin Burgeese, 1996
<b>The Unity Mural</b><br />Design: Barbara Blackstein, Artist: Marilyn Saffery, 1998
<b>Pansy Patch Park</b><br />Artist: David Yeatman, 1999
<b>The Irish Play</b><br />Artist: Marilyn Saffery, 1999
<b>The Old Gas Pump</b><br />Artist: Robin Burgeese, 1999
<b>The Grocer</b><br />Artist: Karole Marois, 1999
<b>Thomas Pink 1841-1925</b><br />Artist: Karole Marois, 1999
<b>CPR Water Tower</b><br />Artist: John Ellenberger, 2000
<b>A Century of Service 1896-1997</b><br />Artist: Karole Marois, 2008
<b>Living Our Community Dreams</b><br />Artist: John Ellenberger, 2010
<b>The Mackay Street Arena 1905-1951</b><br />Artist: Brian Romagnoli, 2002
<b>The Pioneers of Pembroke Township 1820-1850</b><br />Artist: Karole Marois, 2008
<b>The Mayors of Pembroke: A Portrait Gallery 1877-2014</b><br />Artist Marillyn Saffery, Assisted by Shauna Torgerson 2012

....celebrates this area's rich character and heritage through large-scale paintings on an ever-increasing number of our city's downtown walls, colourfully portraying a bygone era for the enjoyment of today's generation.

Our story unfolds as you walk through the streets of Pembroke. In 1613 Samuel de Champlain was the first European to visit the site which by the turn of the 20th century had grown into a vigorous logging community. In 1884 Pembroke became the first community in Canada to have commercial electric street lighting and an electrically lighted town hall. As the town grew, the landscapes and lifestyles changed--our murals are an illustrated record of these changing panoramas.

Since the first five murals were painted in 1990, Pembroke Heritage Murals has overseen the creation of more than thirty murals by both local and national artists. Their styles are as varied as the wealth of historical source material they've researched and been influenced by. During the summer, you are likely to see murals in progress and perhaps talk to the artists about their work.

Below, watch the French mural series showcasing the murals, Les Murales de Pembroke, made in partnership with l'ACFO-Champlain.

Audio Mural Tour

The Heritage Mural Committee provides the City with an annual updated Mural Tour for Pembroke’s Visitor's Guidebook. As more people now have greater access to digital information a FREE downloadable Mp3 audio version has been created so you can enjoy your own personal guided tour of one of Canada's largest outdoor art galleries!

Pembroke Farmers Market 1890-1940
Fall 1920
Pembroke Farmers Market 1890-1940
Artist: Shauna Torgerson, 2015
Title: Pembroke Farmers Market 1890-1940  [a three part mural] Artist: Shauna Torgerson, 2015
Marching Toward The Millennium

"A celebration of the pioneer and entrepreneurial spirit of the people of Pembroke since 1828". A 264 foot long mural beginning with Pembroke's Founder, Peter White 1794-1878, and ending with Pembroke's millennium baby and her Mom. 201 likenesses of people who lived in Pembroke over the decades in a parade style arrangement. Clothing and styles of transportation mark the passage of time.

Pembroke Heritage Murals Souvenirs

* Package of 33 Pembroke Heritage Mural Postcards (Complete Set) * Pembroke's Swallows, Ltd Edition, signed and numbered by Neil Blackwell, award winning wildlife artist. * "Old Time Fiddling and Step Dancing" Poster Print * T-shirts

Artists' Profiles
STEPHAN BELL Austrian born, he studied art in Toronto and spent a number of years in illustrating and production positions before undertaking freelance assignments and opening his own studio. He has produced many commercial and advertising...
Poem: The Great Wall of Pembroke Faces leap before our eyes, profiles from our storied past on the great wall of Pembroke a rich historical repast. The wall that unites generations exposing much more than it hides possessing a brighter...