Snow Angels

On December 15, 2020, the Operations Committee approved the implementation of a Pembroke Snow Angels service to assist residents in needs in our community.

What is Snow Angels?

Snow Angels is a tool to connect those in need of assistance with shovelling snow to those who are willing and able to do it. If you have any questions about how the program works, see the Snow Angels FAQ here.

How can I volunteer to shovel or register someone who needs assistance?

To register as a Snow Angel to shovel for someone in need or to request assistance for yourself or someone in the City of Pembroke who requires help with shovelling snow in the winter months, visit here.
Alternatively, you can seek assistance with registration in person at the Pembroke Public Library.

How did Snow Angels Canada begin?

Snow Angels Canada was the result of an idea that Lincoln McCardle had in early 2015 and brought to fruition through hard work and kindred spirits. Many municipalities and organizations already offered similar tools to allow neighbours to help each other with snow removal, however they are often prohibitively expensive. Snow Angels is simply an alternative, a community-fuelled tool to connect neighbours to their neighbourhood.

Snow Angels Canada started as an experiment in kindness: a way for residents to request assistance shovelling or to find others in need of assistance. The program is now nationwide.

I want to recognize my Snow Angel for the work they've done. Is there anything I can do?

If you are being assisted by the Snow Angels program this winter and wish to recognize your snow angel, you can nominate the volunteer and they will be entered in a draw to win City of Pembroke-branded items. Simply fill out the form below and they will be entered.

Snow Angels Volunteer Recognition Form

* What is the name of the volunteer who is helping you clear snow from your driveway and/or walkway?

Please provide us below with at least one way to contact the person you wish to recognize.

Volunteer's phone number:
Volunteer's email:
* Share your story with us! Why do you want to recognize this volunteer? Do you have any message you would like to be shared with this person?
* Can we share your story or message on our website or social media?