Snapchat Scavenger Hunt

Our Snapchat Scavenger Hunt is back and this time we're keeping it going all summer long! We have awesome prizes to give away from the City and various community partners! All you have to do is keep your eyes out for stickers when you're in the parks across Pembroke and you could get in on some awesome giveaways.

Each hunt will run for two weeks and conclude with a draw for that hunt's prize.The winner will be posted on our social media and will be contacted on Snapchat.

How to play:

1. Explore the parks across Pembroke!

2. Find a hidden sticker!

3. Send a picture of that sticker to us on Snapchat @cityofpembroke!

4. You're now entered to win that hunt's prize!

5. Each sticker is a new entry into the draw, so find more stickers for more chances to win!

6. New stickers will be hidden at the start of each hunt, so keep on searching!

7. No stickers will be hidden in parks that are closed to the public.

Make sure to add us on Snapchat @cityofpembroke or by using the snapcode below to stay up-to-date on exciting upcoming events and all things Snapchat Scavenger Hunt related!

Happy Hunting!


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Taylor Faris
Recreation Aide
Phone:(613)-735-6821 ext. 1512
Email:[email protected]