Sport Equipment Lending Hub

Did you know you can take out a variety of sports equipment at Riverside Park for free? The County of Renfrew in partnership with the Renfrew County District Health Unit received provincial funding to help foster a Sports Equipment Lending Hub throughout the County of Renfrew.

The City of Pembroke is pleased to offer this initiative at Riverside Park. 

Lending Hub Hours:
8 a.m. - 10 p.m daily (7 days a week)

The lending hub is presently open for the 2019 season until August 24.

Lending Hub Sports Equipment:
Adventure Packs (birds & tree identification booklets, magnifying glass, binoculars, flashlight, note pad & first aid kit)
Baseball Bats
Baseballs & Tee Balls
Baseball Gloves
Bicycles (Adult & Children)
Fishing Rods (tackle not included)
Nordic Walking Poles
Stand Up Paddle Boards
Soccer Balls

To take part in the sport equipment lending hub, residents in the area must fill out the Recreation Equipment Loan Agreement. Large items (bicycles, kayaks, and stand up paddle boards) must be signed out by people 18 and older and a credit card number is to be left on file until the item is returned.
For more information on the Lending Hub please email [email protected] or call Riverside Park staff at 613-735-6821 ext. 1504.


Riverside Park
961 Pembroke St. W
Pembroke, Ontario, Canada


Riverside Park
Phone:613-735-6821 ext.1504
Email:[email protected]