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Pembroke Skating Club

Pembroke Skating Club

(Ages 3+)
Children are taught basic skating fundamentals, with a focus on continuous movement and creative play.

Children are taught forward/backward skating and cross-cuts, stopping, balance, and turning, etc.
Beginner hockey and ringette players can also enhance their game by improving their skating skills with our programme.
Skaters are tested on a continual basis and receive badges as they advance to the next level.

Junior is the next step up for the skaters who have mastered CanSkate and want to enhance their skating skills by learning the basics of figure skating
Skaters continue to work in group, semi-private, private lesson.

Once a skater has begun StarSkate testing they will continue to enhance the basics of figure skating.
Skaters work in private/semi private lessons.

For skaters who have mastered the basic skills of figure skating and intend to pursue the sport they are moved into Intermediate skating sessions.
Private Lessons arranged directly with Coaches.

This program is for the dedicated and advanced figure skater who has achieved required dance and skill levels (Preliminary Freeskate test, 1/2 of the Junior Bronze Freeskate test, Junior Bronze Skills and Senior Bronze Dance.
Private Lessons arranged directly with Coaches.

Starskate Off-Ice
For skaters in the StarSkate Programme.
Open to all levels of skaters.

Pembroke Skating Club contact info:

P.O.Box 523 Pembroke Ontario CANADA K8A 6X7