Civic and Youth Awards

The City of Pembroke is proud to recognize and celebrate leadership, personal civic commitment, and engagement in several aspects of the community. The Civic and Youth Awards honours members of the community who demonstrate outstanding civic accomplishments. 

What is a Civic Award?

The Civic Award recognizes the dedication and contributions of volunteers within the city. This award may be given to a resident of the City of Pembroke, a volunteer group operating within the city, or a non-resident with strong ties to volunteerism in our city. 

Civic Award Categories 

Civic Pride: Presented to an individual or group for showing leadership in fundraising and promoting the wellness of others. The fundraising must be a benefit to residents while promoting a leadership role in fundraising and encouraging other groups within the city.

Arts & Culture: Presented to an individual or group demonstrating exceptional achievement in the arts (dance, writing, singing, music, public speaking, etc.). Consideration is given to the accomplishment in various areas or promotion of arts and culture within the city.

Good Samaritan: Presented to an individual or group having concern for or helping to improve the happiness and welfare of others within the city. Consideration will be given to type and nature of support, length of time, and how many individuals were benefited within the city.

Community Service: Presented to an individual or group that has demonstrated outstanding volunteerism within the community. Consideration will be given to the length of service, contribution, leadership, impact on the community in making Pembroke a better place to live, and passion about protecting/conserving the environment/involvement with an environmental project within the city.

Outstanding Senior: Presented to an individual that must be at least 65 years of age and have made the City of Pembroke a better place to live. The contribution can be in many different fields such as the arts, literature, community service, volunteerism, education, fitness and sport, or humanitarian activities.

Spirit of Sport: Presented to an individual or group that demonstrates the love of the game, such as a fan, coach, or volunteer.

Mystery: Presented to an individual or group who has made a contribution in their own special way within the city.

What is a Youth Award?

The City of Pembroke also recognizes youth in our community who have demonstrated leadership and personal civic commitment. Each recipient is rewarded with a $300 bursary and a Certificate of Merit. 

Youth Award Categories

Personal Courage: A role model for others and a person who maintains high ethical standards in difficult situations. Someone who might disregard their own personal safety or comfort to help another. 

Arts & Literature: Enriching others through creativity, skills, and originality in such activities as music, dance, acting, and the visual arts.

Leadership: Demonstrating leadership, marked determination, creativity and a degree of achievement. 

Young Athletes: It does not have to be the first person across the finish line or the gold medalist, rather the recipient of the award will demonstrate skills, devotion, sportsmanship, and class under pressure. 

Community Contributions: Improving the community through action, education, and service. It may be the young advocate or volunteer that goes the distance to make the world a better place. This is also about citizenship, inspiration, diversity, and leadership. 

The Committee

The committee is composed of volunteers residing within the City of Pembroke who demonstrate a strong commitment to volunteerism. 


Thank you to all sponsors that make the Civic and Youth Awards possible. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

2019 Youth Awards Sponsors: Fiddling & Stepdancing Association, Friends of Bogie's Bar, Kings Sports, Pembroke Kiwanis Club, Pembroke/Petawawa Lions Club, Dr. Raymond Lam, Royal Canadian Legion Branch 72, Rotary Club of Pembroke, Silver Stick

2019 Civic Awards Sponsors: Pembroke Mall, Integrated Health Centre, Riverview Heights, Remax Realty, Laurie Serran, Dean-Sinclair, CPA's, HGS Canada, Ray Godin Auto Supplies, Eventure Entertainment, Silver Stick, Those Phantom Knights

Congratulations to all 2019 winners!

2019 Civic Award Winners:  Micheal Minns, Chris & Laurie Johnson, Dale Virgina Tapp, Connie Poupore along with Algonquin College Office Administrative-Executive Program and the Carpentry and Renovation Techniques Program Students, Gary Severin, Sharon Brehm. 

2019 Youth Award Winners: Madison Gauthier, Akira Mylie-Hiatt, Hanah Young, Jana Lau, Ty Brannan, Catherine Xu, Tristan Mulvihill, Thomas Pelchat, Neil Jennings.