Fraudulent Social Media Page and Events

It has come to the attention of the City of Pembroke that there is a fraudulent Facebook page that is called “Drive-Thru Santa Claus Parade of Lights 2020” which is advertising several different events imitating Pembroke’s Drive-Thru Santa Claus Parade that was to take place November 28th at Riverside Park. On one of these event pages, they are trying to sell tickets to an event that has been cancelled and was free to attend.

To reiterate previous news releases, the 2020 Drive-Thru Santa Claus Parade has been cancelled due to low registration and will not be occurring on November 28 and any post or event which says differently is inaccurate.

The City of Pembroke wishes to remind you that they only post about events on their website, social media, and through reputable local advertising. In addition, fees associated with any City of Pembroke event are collected only through City facilities or advertised means of registration. Never provide your credit card information on sites you do not trust or that seem fake/too good to be true.

If you are unsure about any information you see online regarding a City of Pembroke event/program, check with official City of Pembroke social media platforms including Facebook (The City of Pembroke), Twitter (@CityPembroke), and Instagram (@cityofpembroke), or on the City’s website at