Canadian Red Cross and Partners for Action - Survey

The Canadian Red Cross is beginning a public education pilot project. The pilot project is called Inclusive Resilience: Reducing Disaster Risks for Canadians. This research project focuses on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) by improving communication and public engagement with populations who are at higher risk of impacts from disasters like flooding, wildfires and earthquakes. These disasters, such as flooding, have impacted the City of Pembroke. The goal of this research project is to increase awareness of disaster risks and promote approaches, tools and actions that foster inclusive disaster risk reduction and preparedness amongst at-risk Canadians in select communities.

The purpose of this project it to identify disaster risks with targeted demographics. The project will increase awareness of risk and prepare residents to become more disaster resilient. Pembroke has been selected as part of the Canadian Red Cross pilot project. 

During the initial phase of the pilot project, Red Cross will conduct telephone surveys.