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Only working smoke alarms save lives!

Choose the right smoke alarms.

There are many types of smoke alarms available with different power sources, technologies and features. Before purchasing smoke alarms, visit for information, or contact the fire department

Install in the proper locations.

Ontario law requires that working smoke alarms be located on every storey of the home and outside all sleeping areas. Avoid installing smoke alarms in or adjacent to kitchens and bathrooms, or near air vents, windows and ceiling fans.

Manage nuisance alarms.

If a smoke alarm frequently activates due to cooking activities or using the shower, do not remove the battery! Try moving the smoke alarm, purchasing a smoke alarm with a hush feature, or replacing ionization alarms located near kitchens with photoelectric alarms. For more solutions to nuisance alarms, visit 

Change the batteries once a year.

Install a new battery at least once a year or whenever the low-battery warning sounds. Test the smoke alarm after installing a new battery.

Test smoke alarms monthly.

Smoke alarms should be tested monthly, and upon returning home after an absence of more than a few days. If the alarm fails to sound when the test button is pressed, make sure the battery is installed correctly, or install a new battery. If the alarm still fails to sound, replace the smoke alarm with a new one.

Replace smoke alarms after 10 years.

Smoke alarms more than ten years old should be replaced with new ones. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for installing, testing and maintaining smoke alarms.

For information about smoke alarms, contact the Pembroke Fire Department

Smoke Alarms

Smoke Alarms are early warning devices which sound an audible system when smoke or products of combustion are detected.

1. Where should smoke alarms be placed?

Provide a smoke alarm in all hallways which lead to sleeping rooms. The Fire Department recommends that a battery-operated smoke detector be provided in all sleeping rooms of homes built before 1993. If your home has more than one level, provide a smoke detector on each level near the stairs. Please install the smoke detector as indicated in the manufacturer's installation requirements.

2. Are smoke alarms supposed to be maintained?

Yes, test smoke alarms in your home on a monthly basis by pushing the test button. An audible alarm will occur when you test the smoke alarm. Change the battery(s) when you set your clocks at Daylight savings time and Pacific standard time.

3. What should you do once smoke is detected?

If a fire is suspected within the house, feel the bedroom door with the back of your hand for heat before opening the door to exit. Crawl low below smoke. Get out as quickly as possible.

Develop a family emergency plan with an exit diagram in event of a fire or another type of emergency. Survey your home for all possible means of exiting the building, including all windows. Identify at least two exits from each room.

Prepare your own exit diagram today and practice exiting!

For additional information or assistance please contact the Pembroke Fire Department.