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Fire Safety for People with Disabilities

You Should Plan Ahead for Emergencies ...

You should speak with someone about what you should do in case of a fire in your home. Your family, friends, the fire department or a social services agency should be able to help you develop an escape plan you can practice. You should make it a point to practice with the people who live with you. Their assistance and correct actions may be critical in helping you to successfully escape a fire.


Live Near an Exit ... If you live in an apartment you should try to occupy one on the ground floor. If you are living in a two story house, try to arrange to sleep on the first floor, and be sure to have a telephone next to your bed. Being closer to the ground and an exit will make your escape from a fire that much faster. If necessary, you should have a ramp constructed for emergency exits.

Install Smoke Detectors ...

Working Smoke Detectors give you the needed time to evacuate in the event of a fire in your home. You should test your alarms weekly and change the batteries at least once each year. If your smoke detectors are 10 years old or more, they should be replaced.

Memorize the telephone number of your fire department and tape it on or near all of your telephones. In most, but not all areas, 911 is now being used. Make sure your home is clearly numbered and it is a wise idea to let your fire department know about any special needs you might have (i.e. - need help getting out, Oxygen use in the home, etc.). In the event of fire, always get out first if you can, and then call the fire department. If you are trapped inside, give the dispatcher your exact room location.

Stop a Fire before it begins!

Check out your appliances making sure all plugs and cords are in good condition ... repair or replace any worn or broken appliances. Be kitchen wise and be especially careful in lighting matches or using the stove. Wear close fitting sleeves when you cook and if a pan catches on fire, smother it with a lid. Give space heaters some space by keeping them at least three feet from everything including yourself! A slight brush against certain models could cause a clothing fire. Be smoker wary by having large, deep ashtrays around for smokers. Do not empty ashes into waste baskets until you have soaked them with water. You should check your upholstered furniture for dropped cigarettes and matches. Never smoke in bed or while on medications that might cause drowsiness.

If you need help or have questions.

Please do not hesitate to call the Pembroke Fire Department (613)-735-6821 extension 1201