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Chimney Fires - They Can Be Prevented!

The Pembroke Fire department attends numerous chimney fires every year - many of which could have been prevented. You may or may not have had one of these fires. To save you from requiring our services and before you attempt to use your chimney again please follow these tips.

Remember to Keep it Clean
Did you experience a chimney fire? If you have, it is essential for the safety of all the occupants that you have your flue inspected by a competent person to ensure it has not been damaged. The chimney must also be properly cleaned before using it again.

To prevent chimney fires in the future and possible structural damage to your property, please ensure your chimney is cleaned at least as often as listed below.

SOLID FUEL APPLIANCES - Once per year for smokeless fuel and twice per year for coal

WOOD BURNING APPLIANCES - Quarterly when in use

GAS APPLIANCES - Once per year if designed for sweeping


It is not sufficient to clean a chimney using a vacuum cleaner alone. Ensure your chimney flue is inspected at regular intervals to prevent fire breaking out of the chimney. Fire screens can prevent serious injury or even death. Spark guards can prevent a serious property fire.


Dial 911 and ask for the Fire Department (there is no charge )

If you have a conventional open fire, extinguish the fire by gently splashing water onto the fire

If you have a solid fuel appliance, close down the ventilation as much as possible.

Move furniture and rugs away from the fireplace and remove any nearby ornaments.

Place a fire screen in front of the fire.

If a wall is becoming hot, move furniture away. Ensure that access to your attic or roof space is available for the Fire Department as they will want to thoroughly check this area for signs of possible fire spread.

Chimney fires can spread to the rest of your property. REMEMBER ALWAYS call the Fire Department if you have a chimney fire.