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Fire Safety In The Home

As Building Owners you are obligated by the Ontario Fire Code to provide and maintain working smoke alarms. You must also provide operational instructions to the tenant.

Smoke Alarms
Ontario law requires that working smoke alarms be located on every storey of the home and outside all sleeping areas. Avoid installing smoke alarms in or adjacent to kitchens and bathrooms, or near air vents, windows and ceiling fans.
Managing Nuisance Alarms
Virtually everyone with a smoke alarm in their home has experienced a nuisance alarm, which is the accidental activation of the smoke alarm, generally due to cooking activities or steam from the shower. In some homes - depending upon the smoke...
Fire Extinguishers In The Home
Most fires start small. Fires can usually by brought under control if they are attacked correctly with the right type and size of extinguisher within the first few minutes. Below are a simple set of rules to go by to ensure safety when using an...
Candle Safety
Tealights and nightlights in foil containers need to be placed in another suitable holder as they can melt through plastic materials. Tealights burn for four hours, nightlights for about eight hours, increasing the amount of heat given out. Be careful not to use nightlights in oil aromatherapy burners.
Carbon Monoxide Safety
1. What are the symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning? Carbon Monoxide poisoning can strike quickly or build up over time. The initial symptoms of CO poisoning are similar to flu symptoms, headaches, nausea and fatigue. With increased exposure time...
Dialing 911
The 9-1-1 Emergency Telephone System makes an important difference in our community everyday. It is your first source of help in times of crisis and it can mean the difference between life and death. When used properly, 9-1-1 saves seconds and those...
Exit Drills In The Home
In 1994, approximately 4,000 PEOPLE died in home fires ... tens of thousands more were injured. You can survive even a major fire in your home if you are alerted early enough about the fire and can get out of your home quickly ... AND STAY OUT!
Christmas Tree Safety
Always choose a freshly cut tree. To test a tree, strike the stump down on a firm surface. If needles fall off, the tree is too dry. Consider buying a live tree instead. You can plant it later to enjoy it for years to come. When you are ready to...
Chimney Fires
The Pembroke Fire department attends numerous chimney fires every year - many of which could have been prevented. You may or may not have had one of these fires. To save you from requiring our services and before you attempt to use your chimney...
Disability Safety Tips
You Should Plan Ahead for Emergencies ... You should speak with someone about what you should do in case of a fire in your home. Your family, friends, the fire department or a social services agency should be able to help you develop an escape plan...