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Get information on emergency phone numbers, animal control services, emergency readiness, fire services, hospital services, and police services.

Police Services
If You Have An Emergency Call 9-1-1 When To Call Police? Many people hesitate to call the police out of fear of getting involved, or of being identified, or even of fear of sounding silly or over-suspicious. The police need and want your help...
Pembroke Regional Hospital
Pembroke Regional Hospital
The Pembroke Regional Hospital, located 150 km northwest of Ottawa, is a regional acute care hospital offering a variety of acute and ambulatory care services including medicine, surgery, maternal and child care, regional mental health care,...
Emergency Readiness

In your day-to-day living, disasters may seem a distant possibility. Yet natural disasters, such as floods or tornadoes, technological or environmental accidents such as chemical spills, or service disruptions, like the massive power blackout in August 2003, can strike any community, including ours, at anytime.