Home-Based Business

The City’s Zoning By-law allows for a home-based business in any residential zone, provided you live at the premises. Please review the Home-Based Businesses section of the City’s Zoning By-Law to ensure that your type of business is a permitted home-based business and to ensure you are following all rules set out for home-based businesses.

If you decide to operate a home-based business, the City requires a letter from yourself stating the type of business you propose and how your type of business falls under of one the types of home-based businesses that are permitted as outlined in the Zoning By-Law. The City also requires a rough floor plan of your house showing the total square footage of your home, and the area and square footage of the space you intend to use for your home-based business. Once submitted, this letter will be kept on file. If you find you cannot meet one or more of the requirements of the home-based business definition, then you must apply to the Planning Advisory and Adjustment Committee for a minor variance.

Once you comply with all requirements of a home-based business outlined in the Zoning By-Law, you are required to contact the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) at 1-866-296-6722 to inform them that you are operating a business in your home. They may re-assess your property, and the portion of the house that is used for the home occupation will be assessed as commercial. In your letter to the City, please indicate that you have contacted MPAC.

In summary, as a home-based business you must complete the following:

  • Fill out Business Registration Form (found under Commercial & Industrial Businesses header)
  • Submit a letter to the City that outlines your business, how you fit within the home-based business definition in the Zoning By-Law , and indicates that you have contacted MPAC.
  • Submit a floor plan of your home that indicates the total square footage and the space and square footage that will be used for your business.

Once the City receives all of your information, we will review and contact you with any questions. If all submitted materials are approved, you will receive a letter or email from Colleen Sauriol indicating that you are permitted to operate your home based business.

Your information should be submitted by email or letter to: Colleen Sauriol, Manager of Planning, Building & By-Law, [email protected]; 1 Pembroke Street East, Pembroke, ON K8A 3J5