Commercial & Industrial Businesses

All businesses in the City of Pembroke are required to register with the City according to By-Law 2012-17. Commercial and industrial businesses include any business that operates out of a commercial or industrially zoned property. You can fill in the below form online, or print out a copy of the form to hand-deliver to City Hall. Once recieved, the City will get in touch to confirm your registration. 

Should you have any questions about registering your business please contact the Economic Development Officer, Heather Salovaara at [email protected] or 613-735-6821 ext. 1500. 

A: Business Information

* Please check what kind of business you are registering:
Home-Based Business
* Full Business Name:
* Business Address:
Business Website:
* Business Phone:
* Business Email:
* Business Opening Date (estimate)
* Description of business services/products:

B: Owner/Manager Information

* Owner/Manager Name:
* Owner/Manager Phone:
* Owner/Manager Email:

C: Property Owner Information

Property Owner Name:
Property Owner Phone:
Property Owner Email:

D: About Your Business

* Number of Full-Time Employees:
Number of Part-Time Employees:
Number of Seasonal Employees:
* Have renovations been started or are they planned?
If Yes, please describe renovations:
* Will new business signs be installed?
* Would you like to be listed on the City of Pembroke Business Directory that is available online to the public?
Please list any questions you have for the City of Pembroke: