The City of Pembroke - The Heart of the Ottawa Valley
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Pembroke is a “smart community”, with a fully redundant fibre optic ring around the city with frame relay services and an asynchronous transfer mode over sonet ring. Several telcos offer business services and solutions in Pembroke, we also have local Internet Service Providers that supply high-speed. Our telecommunications companies include:

Ottawa River Energy Solutions

  • Has a fully redundant fibre loop around the City of Pembroke with many 'last mile' connections for businesses
  • Offers a range of bandwidth solutions with options available from 10Mbps to 10Gbps
  • Private local loop networking via dark fibre leasing available 
  • Contact: Justin Allen, Customer Service, IT & Engineering Manager,; 613-732-3687 


  • Offers DSL for businesses for speeds of 25Mpbs down and 1 Mpbs up depending on distance from Bell's Centreal Office
  • Offers fibre optic solutions for businesses on request


NRTC Communications