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Business Spotlight

The City of Pembroke has lauched the Business Spotlight series. While the COVID-19 pandemic has been very challenging to navigate for local businesses, it has also been an opportunity for innovation and growth. We have seen many local businesses pivot to adapt to the changing environment to meet the needs of their customers. Each week, the City of Pembroke will highlight a local business and the changes they have made in the business over the last few months. If you know a local business who is adapting, let us know!

Business Spotlight: White Pine Yoga

August 4, 2020

This week’s Business Spotlight is on White Pine Yoga located at 72 Pembroke Street West.

White Pine Yoga, for many residents, is a favourite yoga studio with a welcoming atmosphere and a range of yoga classes and workshops. When COVID-19 hit, White Pine Yoga closed their doors and many residents were missing their favourite place to practice yoga. Thankfully, it only took owner Maegan Adams a couple days to realize that she had to do something to bring everyone back together! At the time, many people were feeling the stress of the uncertain times and disconnected.  White Pine Yoga posted on social media that they would be hosting a free class on Zoom.  After the first class, there was a flood of support and gratitude. Residents of Pembroke and the Valley, across Canada and even globally joined White Pine for their virtual classes.

Now, White Pine Yoga is offering a full range of classes virtually each day. It is exciting for Maegan and the other instructors to see people practicing outside, dogs coming in for kisses, cats crawling all over, and kids hopping on screen!  It has also provided an opportunity for people who might have been too shy to come to the studio to hop on a class online.

If you’ve met Maegan, it is no surprise that she can see the positive in all of this. She has highlighted the lesson for everyone to be fluid and adaptable. Without COVID-19, White Pine would not had the push to practice online which has been an opportunity to grow.  With Stage Three, White Pine Yoga has now opened their doors again and are excited to be offering a mixture of both online and in studio classes! It is also helping to shape their upcoming Yoga Teacher Training program as they shift some material online, creating simplicity and convenience for their students. 

White Pine Yoga would love to see you at their FREE Yoga in the Park class, which is back to in-person this week! Yoga in the Park is on Wednesday at 6:00pm at Centenary Park (green space at the waterfront)!  To register, create an account with MindBody under White Pine Yoga. Sign up for the FREE class. You will get an email the day before regarding instructions for the class. There is a 100-person maximum for Yoga in the Park so be sure to register early to secure your spot. Maegan and the team at White Pine Yoga would like to thank the community for the continued support during these unprecedented times! 

We encourage you to visit White Pine Yoga safely in person, online at, on Facebook @whitepineyoga or Instagram @whitepineyoga.

Business Spotlight: Little Things Canning Company

July 28, 2020

This week’s Business Spotlight is on Little Things Canning Company located at 100 Pembroke Street West. The Business Spotlight series highlights local businesses who have pivoted and adapted to the changing environment during COVID-19 to meet the needs of their customers. Each week, the City of Pembroke highlights a local business and the changes they have made over the last few months. If you know a local business who is adapting, let us know!

If you have been to Little Things Canning Company in downtown Pembroke you know that it is much more than canned goods! Owner Stacy Taylor has created a place for grab-and-go lunches, home cooked freezer meals and delicious canned goods. Once the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Little Things closed their storefront and began increasing their delivery schedule from one to three days a week. This allowed them to deliver delicious home-cooked meals to their customers even with the closure of their retail space. The pandemic has allowed Little Things to focus on their online presence, and now they have many more customers ordering their freezer meals online. Stacy felt a lack of face-to-face connection with her customers, so she has been posting more videos to help bring a human connection to her clients.

As we move into further stages of recovery in Ontario, Little Things has re-opened their doors. In store, they have floor markers and a flow to the shop to make it safe for everyone. Little Things has also taken advantage of changes to patio requirements in the City and have introduced a small seating area on the side of their business.

Another important pivot that Little Things Canning Company has made is their new earlier hours and morning snack options. Little Things is now open Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. and Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. You can stop by in the morning for coffee and a morning snack such as scones, fruit, quiche or muffins. They have also introduced a charcuterie grazing box during the lunch hour Wednesday – Friday for all of your snacking needs!

Stacy, like many of us, has been forced to slow down due to COVID-19. Work-life balance is always a challenge for entrepreneurs, and Stacy has enjoyed the extra time to spend with her family. The rest and time at home has given her more energy and passion to focus on her business and serve her customers. We encourage you to visit Little Things safely in person, order online at, on Facebook @littlethingscanning or Instagram @littlethings_canning

Business Spotlight: Ullrich's

July 21, 2020

The first Business Spotlight is on Ullrich’s, located at 214 Pembroke Street West.  

Ullrich’s, for many residents, is a go-to butcher shop that also features a range of grocery options, catering, and delicious goods made in-house! The COVID-19 pandemic has allowed Ullrich’s to increase online sales, engage new customers and look at renovation and expansion plans.

Ullrich’s has introduced a number of traditional measures to help customers feel comfortable coming into the store, this includes physical distancing decals on the floor, one way traffic, and Plexiglas guards at cash register. They have also introduced curbside pick up for customers who are not comfortable coming into the store.

Martin Ullrich, Director of Operations has shared that the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed Ullrich’s to innovate and develop new ways of reaching their customer. They have built an online shop where they are constantly adding new products and customers can do all of their grocery shopping online! Pre-ordering online is a great way to reduce wait-times and avoid crowding in the store. Connecting on social media and through their website has become increasingly important for Ullrich’s during this time. As events start to happen in Stage 3, Ullrich’s has made it easier than ever for clients to get a quote for catering services. Customers can go to the Ullrich’s website and fill in a form for an easy quote with limited face to face contact.

We encourage you to visit Ullrich’s safely or check out their new online shop at, or check them out on Facebook @ullrichspembroke or Instagram @ullrichs1983