The Official Plan and Amendments

The Official Plan

The Official Plan establishes, in general terms, the overall pattern that development within the City should follow during the planning period.  It is intended to establish guidelines to direct future development and redevelopment in a logical and orderly manner and to protect existing development from the intrusion of incompatible land uses.  The Zoning By-law is one tool that is used to implement the Official Plan.

Approved Official Plan 2016

Official Plan Schedule A

Official Plan Schedule B

Official Plan Schedule C

Official Plan Schedule D

Official Plan Amendments

Sometimes, an Official Plan Amendment is required.  It might be required on its own, or in combination with a Zoning By-law Amendment.  An explanation of the processes and fees associated with Official Plan & Zoning By-law Amendments can be found at the beginning of the Application form:

Official Plan & Zoning By-law Amendment Application