Water Distribution & Waste Water Collection

The Water Distribution & Waste Water Collection Section is responsible for the operation of the pipes, valves, hydrants and services that make up the water distribution and collection systems. These crews flush and repair water mains, sanitary sewer and storm sewer networks at any hour of the day to ensure all services are running efficiently.

The City of Pembroke maintains 108 km of water distribution pipes, 533 fire hydrants, complete with 4,052 water service connections, 100.4 km of sanitary sewer main, complete with 4,200 service connections, 11 sanitary sewer pumping stations and 54.6 km of storm sewer mains.

Contact Information:

Curtis Mick, Supervisor
Water Distribution & Waste Water Collection
Phone: (613) 735-6821 x 1403
Fax: (613) 732-1421
Email: [email protected]

Use links below for further information:

Water and Waste Rates can be found in the current budget document

Annual Sanitary Sewer Main Cleaning Program

Annual Water Main Flushing Program

By-Law Number 92-58: Control Waste Discharges into Municipal Sewers

By-Law Number 2007-24: Cross Connection and Backflow Prevention

Amendment to Backflow Prevention By-Law

By-Law Number 2007-25: Regulations of Public and Private Fire Service

Water Mains and Hydrants

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