Utilities - Pollution Control Centre

The City of Pembroke owns and operates the Pollution Control Centre. The function of this facility as a wastewater treatment plant is to treat all the discharge to the sanitary sewage system. Raw sewage is collected throughout the City of Pembroke and conveyed to the Pollution Control Centre via gravity sewers. There are also nine sewage pumping stations (Lift Stations) which convey sewage from low areas to higher areas in the wastewater collection system.

The Pollution Control Centre is located on the Ottawa River at the north end of Rankin Street within the Township of Laurentian Valley. The plant was built in 1967 and consisted of two clarifiers, two digesters and a control building.  Chlorine was used for disinfection. In 1984, an additional two clarifiers were added to meet high flows. As well a de-watering belt press, chemical building and chlorine contact chamber were added.  In 1994, remedial work was done on existing buildings and equipment to ensure compliance with Ministry of Labour guidelines and to optimize the process.

In 2006 the Pollution Control Centre underwent a major retrofit and expansion implementing a Secondary Treatment Process to meet Ministry of Environment Requirements.  The current plant is rated at an average day capacity of 16,000 m3/day and peak wet weather flows of 64,000 m3/day with treated effluent (ultraviolet disinfection) to be discharged to the Ottawa River.

Contact Information:

Rick White
Supervisor of Pollution Control Centre
Phone: (613) 735-6821 x 1481
Fax: (613) 732-7028
Email: [email protected]