Utilities - Water Treatment Plant

The City of Pembroke owns and operates the Pembroke Drinking Water System (D.W.S. #220000941), which consists of the Pembroke Purification Plan and Distribution System.  The system is considered a Large Municipal Residential Drinking Water System under O.Reg. 170/03.

The Water Treatment Plant (W.T.P.) is rated as a Class 3 facility, while the Distribution System is a Class 2 system. The Drinking Water System includes two Bulk Water Storage Facilities, the Bell Street Tower and the Quarry Road Reservoir which are rated as Class 3 facilities.

The Pembroke Water Treatment Plant is located on Riverside Drive in the City of Pembroke. The W.T.P. was constructed in 1984 and has a rated capacity of 32,368 m3/d. The W.T.P. is a conventional surface water treatment plant.

A Process Flow Diagram of the Pembroke Water Purification Plant is provided.

Contact Information:

Douglas Burton
Supervisor, Drinking Water Treatment/Compliance
Quality Management System Representative
Phone:  (613) 735-6821 x 1487
Fax:  (613) 735-8648 Water Treatment Plant
Email:  [email protected]