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Operations Department

Under the direction of the Operations Committee of Council and City Council, the mandate of the Operations Department is to administer and manage public infrastructure including water mains, sanitary sewers and storm sewers, municipal roads, bridges and sidewalks, traffic signals and street lighting, capital projects, the Utilities facilities including Water Purification Plant & Pollution Control Plant, and oversees the collection program of garbage, recycling and organic material.

Service Delivery and Modernization Review of Operations Department

Contact Information

Brian Lewis, Manager of Operations
Phone: (613) 735-6821 Ext. 1400
Fax: (613) 732-1421

Linda Rook, Administrative Assistant
Phone: (613) 735-6821 Ext. 1410
Fax: (613) 732-1421
Capital Works & Engineering

The City of Pembroke is continuously involved in monitoring, evaluating, operating and improving the services within the City of Pembroke. These services include: Parks & Facilities, Roads and Bridges, Sidewalks, Signs, Signals, Streetscape, Water Treatment & Distribution and Wastewater Collection and Treatment. Major projects for the maintenance or expansion of these systems are done through capital projects.

Roads & Fleet

The Roads & Fleet Section of the Operations Department is responsible for all roads, bridges, sidewalks, boulevards, winter control operations, pedestrian cross signals, curb cuts, culvert installations, traffic line painting, ditching and regulatory signage.

Water Distribution & Waste Water Collection

The Water Distribution & Waste Water Collection Section is responsible for the operation of the pipes, valves, hydrants and services that make up the water distribution and collection systems. These crews flush and repair water mains, sanitary sewer and storm sewer networks at any hour of the day to ensure all services are running efficiently and meet Ministry regulations.


This Section of the Operations Department is responsible for the Water Treatment Plant and the Pollution Control Centre.