Swimming Pool/Fence Application

Service Description

A permit must be obtained for the design and construction of enclosures so that owners of pools can reasonably prevent unauthorized or accidental entry to their pools, and to recognize pool fences.

Service Outcome

Swimming Pool Permit

General Information

In-ground and above-ground swimming pools must be totally enclosed by fence with a height not less than 1.52 m [5 ft] above grade. Such fencing shall have a locking gate and may be interrupted by an external wall of a building. This fence may enclose the entire yard in which the pool is located or only the swimming pool, so long as the pool and fence is separated by a minimum distance of 1.22 m [4 ft].  All pools and fencing shall have a final inspection prior to filling the pool with water. 

A permit is not required for building a fence unless there is a swimming pool involved. Although you must ensure your fences meets all provisions in the City of Pembroke Comprehensive Zoning By-law regarding fences.

Required Documentation

  • Site Plan showing the location and distance of the swimming pool and fence in relation to existing lot lines.
  • A drawing showing the fence construction and the height.

Required Forms and Information

Swimming Pool Information and Application Package