Service Description

The City of Pembroke's Sign By-law regulates signs, advertising devices, and the posting of notices.

2014-46 - Sign By-law

2014-63 - Sign By-law Amendment (Off-lot Signs)

Service Outcome

Sign Application

General Information

No person shall erect, cause to be erected, or structurally alter any sign within the City of Pembroke without first obtaining a sign permit from the Chief Building Official.

An application for a Sign Permit shall be submitted to the Chief Building Official to be checked for conformity to the Sign By-law.

Required Documentation

Anyone wishing to apply for a sign permit must submit the following documents unless otherwise stated (see sign permit application for details about what documentation is required).  

Letter of Authorization:  Is required if the permit applicant and/or the main contact for the project does not own the property that the application is for.  The Letter of Authorization shows that the property owner authorizes another person to apply for the permit and be in contact with the Building Department regarding the permit. 

Sign Permit Application:  See below.

Site Plan:  The Site Plan must show the location of the sign with respect to street lines, property lines and buildings.

Drawings:  Drawings, with dimensions and specifications, must show details of construction, supports, and braces.

Indemnity Bond or Hold Harmless Agreement:  An indemnity bond is an insurance certificate or letter from the broker; currently, the City requires proof of minimum liability coverage of $1,000,000.00.  If this documentation cannot be provided, a "Schedule A: Hold Harmless Agreement" (for signs on or over City property) or a "Schedule B: Hold Harmless Agreement" (for signs not on or over City property) must be provided.

Forms and Information

Letter of Authorization

Sign Permit Application

Schedule A: Hold Harmless Agreement (for signs on or over City property)

Schedule B: Hold Harmless Agreement (for signs not on or over City property)

Sample Site Plan

A-Board Sign Information Sheet