Damp Proofing

Service Description

Damp proofing is a coating, usually asphalt-based, that is either sprayed on or hand applied to the outside of the wall.

Service Outcome

Building Permit

General Information

All drawings to be drawn on standardized sized sheets, drawn to scale, fully dimensioned, signed and dated by a qualified designer (as defined under Div. C, Part 3, Section 3.2 of the Ontario Building Code), drawings must include the designer's name, registration number, qualification identification number, signature, and stamp/statement that the person has reviewed and taken responsibility for the design activities.

Required Documentation

Cross Section (below)

Construction Details and Notes

A typical sub-grade drainage system consists of:

  • A rigid or flexible 4-inch perforated drain pipe laid over native ground or clear stone then covered with a minimum of 6 inches of clear stone; some pipe is available with a sleeve to filter fines-this pipe should outlet to daylight, adequately drained soil, or a mechanically drained chamber (a sump)
  • A covering of geotechnical filter fabric, as a barrier between the gravel and the backfill (optional)
  • Backfill compacted in lifts to rough grade
  • Finish grade sloped away from the wall

Required Forms

House Cross Section
Building Permit Application