Integrity Commissioner

Integrity Commissioner

The Integrity Commissioner is an independent and impartial position reporting directly to Council.  The Integrity Commissioner investigates complaints received from any person regarding a breach of Code of Conduct by council members. 

The City of Pembroke appointed Mr. Tony Fleming of Cuningham Swan Carty Little & Bonham L.L.P. on November 20, 2018 as the Integrity Commissioner for the City.  By-law 2018-53 authorizes Mr. Fleming to conduct inquires upon complaint for rules governing ethical behaviour of members of Council as they pertain to the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act and Code of Conduct for City of Pembroke Council and Local Board Members.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct for City of Pembroke Council and Local Board Members applies to all members of council, boards and committees and aims to ensure public trust and confidence in the Municipality’s decision making and operations.  The public should expect the highest standard of conduct from the members they elect to local government, as well as members serving on Municipal boards and committees. 

Making a Complaint

Informal Complaints

If a person believes a council, committee or board member is not following the Code of Conduct, they can:

  • ‚ÄčTell them that their behaviour does not follow the Code,
  • Ask them to stop the behaviour,
  • Let them know they are happy with how the complaint was handled, or
  • Make a formal complaint to the Integrity Commissioner if they are unhappy with the result of the informal complaint

Individuals are encouraged to pursue the informal complaint procedure as the first means of remedying behaviour or an activity that they believe violates the Code of Conduct.

Formal Complaint

If a person believes a council, committee or board member has disregarded the Code of Conduct they may make a formal complaint by:

  • Submitting their written complaint in person to the Clerk using the Request for Inquiry Form along with the prescribed fee of $150.00.  The complaint must set out reasonable and probable grounds for the allegation that the Member has contravened the Code of Conduct or the Conflict of Interest Act. 
  • The Clerk shall forward the matter to the Integrity Commissioner. 

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