SRB Technologies (Canada) Inc.

SRB Technologies (Canada) Inc.
320-140 Boundary Rd
Pembroke, Ontario, Canada
K8A 6W5
Phone: (613) 732-0055

SRB Technologies (Canada) Inc. (SRBT) has been in operation over 30 years in Pembroke. SRBT is registered to ISO 9001 for the design and manufacture of tritium filled light sources, self powered luminous signs, markers and emergency lighting for military, commercial, aerospace and scientific applications.

Our company is the original developer of the tritium light source which is a glass capsule internally coated with luminescent powder and filled with a radioactive gas called tritium. The interaction between the particles emitted by the tritium and the luminescent coating produces light on a continuous basis. SRBT is licensed by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) under a Nuclear Substance Processing Facility Operating Licence for the purpose of manufacturing gaseous tritium light sources.

Our products are required to meet industry codes for emergency and safety lighting. We are the ONLY supplier in the world of emergency and safety lighting that use gaseous tritium light sources as illumination.

Our product works without the use of batteries and electricity and is specified in areas where power is not available. The product is solely specified, qualified and certified for use in the majority of aircraft and a number of buildings where power is not available. The product has a useful life of a number of years but must be replaced by new products to meet applicable safety codes.  

We also produce as many as 10,000 Face Shields per week under a Health Canada Licence.

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