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Members of the Pembroke Fire Department

<b>2010 Members of the Pembroke Fire Department</b><br />Front Row:  Captain Gary Lowe, Captain Stacy Graveline, Chief Dan Herback, Captain Philip Corriveau, Captain Ted Farrell.  Back row:  Firefighter Ian Caughey, Acting Captain Darrell Andrews, Firefighter John Hubert, Firefighter Kyle Zimmerman, Firefighter Brent Verdiel, Firefighter Chance Colquhoun, Acting Captain Bill Clayton, Acting Captain Scott Selle, Acting Captain Ed Beaupre, Firefighter Tom Watkins, Firefigher Shawn Morgan.<b>2010 - Captain Gary Lowe, Captain Philip Corriveau, Chief Dan Herback, Captain Stacy Graveline</b><br />Captain Gary Lowe, Captain Philip Corriveau, Chief Dan Herback, Captain Stacy Graveline, Captain Ted Farrell<b>Chilifest 2012 - PPFFA Local 488</b><br />Chief Herback, Scott Selle, Bill Clayton, Ted Farrell, Chance Colquhoun, Darrell Andrews, Stacy Graveline, Brent Verdiel, Shawn Morgan, Ian Caughey, Kyle Zimmerman, Tom Watkins, Gary Lowe, Jason Kelly, John Hubert, Ed Beaupre, Phil Corriveau<b>Fire Prevention 2011</b><br />Back Row -  Scott Selle, Chief Herback, Tom Watkins, Phil Corriveau - Front Row - Ian Caughey, Gary Lowe, Kyle Zimmerman, Sparky, Brent Verdiel, Shawn Morgan, Ed Beaupre<b>Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month</b><br />Kyle Zimmerman, Brent Verdiel, Sparky, Chance Colquhoun, Ed Beaupre, Shawn Morgan<b>Fire Prevention Open House 2012</b><br />Chief Dan Herback, Shawn Morgan, Ed Beaupre, Philip Corriveau, Stacy Graveline, Bill Clayton, Chance Colquhoun, Ian Caughey, Gary Lowe, Scott Selle, Jason Kelly<b>2010 - PPFFA Local 488</b><br />Back Row - Acting Captain Darrell Andrews, Captains Philip Corriveau, Stacy Graveline, Ted Farrell, Gary Lowe and Acting Captain Scott Selle
Front Row - Acting Captain Ed Beaupe, Fire Fighters Chance Colquhoun, Shawn Morgan, John Hubert, Brent Verdiel, Acting Captain Bill Clayton, Fire Fighters Kyle Zimmerman, Tom Watkins, Ian Caughey and Jason Kelly<b>2013 - Open House</b><br />Back Row:  Captains Stacy Graveline, Phil Corriveau, FF Tom Watkins
Front Row:  A/Cpt. Bill Clayton, FF Ian Caughey, A/Cpt. Ed Beaupre, FF Shawn Morgan, Jason Kelly, Admin. Asst.  Lori Corriveau, Captain Gary Lowe, FF Chance Colquhoun, Chief Dan Herback<b>2013 - new 100' Pierce Aerial Platform</b><br />Left to Right:  Captains Gary Lowe, Stacy Graveline, Phil Corriveau, Chief Dan Herback, Fire Fighters Jason Kelly, Chance Colquhoun, Ian Caughey, A/Capt. Ed Beaupre, Bill Clayton, Fire Fighter Tom Watkins, Shawn Morgan<b>"A" Platoon 2015/2016, Cpt. Lowe, FF Troutman, A/Cpt Morgan, FF Watkins</b><br />Captain Gary Lowe, FF Matt Troutman, Acting Captain Shawn Morgan, FF Tom Watkins<b>"B" Platoon 2015/2016 - FF Dunne, FF Caughey, Cpt Selle, A/Cpt Clayton</b><br />FF Luke Dunne, FF Ian Caughey, Captain Scott Selle, Acting Captain Bill Clayton<b>"C" Platoon 2015/2016 - FF Verdiel, A/Cpt Colquhoun, Cpt. Beaupre, FF Kelly</b><br />FF Brent Verdiel, Acting Captain Chance Colquhoun, Captain Ed Beaupre, FF Jason Kelly<b>"D" Platoon - 2015/2016 - FF Zimmerman, A/Cpt, Andrews, Cpt. Corriveau, FF. Rutz</b><br />FF Kyle Zimmerman, Acting Captain Darrell Andrews, Captain Philip Corriveau, FF Tanner Rutz<b>Chief Dan Herback 2016</b><b>2015 Retirement of Captain Stacy Graveline</b><br />Lori Corriveau, FF Ian Caughey, FF Jason Kelly, A/Cpt. Chance Colquhoun FF Brent Verdiel, FF Kyle Zimmerman, Cpt. Scott Selle, Cpt. Ed Beaupre, FF Tom Watkins, Cpt. Stacey Graveline, Cpt. Philip Corriveau  (January 2015)<b>Medal Presentation March 2015</b><br />Mayor Lemay, Cpt. Philip Corriveau, Cpt. Stacy Graveline, A/Cpt. Bill Clayton, A/Cpt. Ed Beaupre, Cpt. Gary Lowe, Chief Dan Herback<b>Members June 2018</b><b>PFD Members in 1958</b><b>Last Call Event June 2018</b><b>Last Call June 2018 at old hall</b><b>With a few retirees June 2018</b><b>Project Zero Sept 2018</b><b>Wheelchair Basketball 2018</b>