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Rules & Regulations

Win This Space Contest Rules & Regulations

December 2018

Published by: City of Pembroke Economic Development Department


The contest is open to all legal residents of CANADA, who are 19 years of age or older at the time of submitting an entry to the “WIN THIS SPACE” competition.

Proposed businesses can be independently owned (sole proprietorship) or owned by 2 people (partnership), however no franchises will be considered.

If the candidate is a current local business owner, the application must be with the intent to introduce, open and operate a concept, which will offer a new element not promoted in the existing location, or expand upon and highlight an element that would be removed from the existing location. Candidates must commit to signing a 2-year lease if they win the contest for a space of their choosing.

Candidates must have submitted an entry into the competition by January 4, 2019 to have their idea considered as part of the competition.

The judging panel will select the eligible candidates to advance to the next phase of the competition and receive a series of 4 FREE Business Workshops presented by 4 PARTNERS OF THE CITY OF PEMBROKE.

Official Rules and Regulations

In-kind prizes (including gift certificates) are not transferable and may not be redeemed for cash. Prize winners may not request substitutions.

The Judging Panel will review all completed business plans submitted by the candidates. Decisions, judgments, and selections of the committee are at the discretion of the committee and are final. By participating in the competition, each applicant agrees to these Official Rules and to all decisions of the Judging Panel, which are final and binding.

The City of Pembroke reserves the right to use all participants’ names, likenesses, pictures, portraits, voice, biographical information, written submissions, and written or oral statements, for advertising and promotional purposes without additional compensation to participants unless required by law.

The City of Pembroke strives to provide support to any viable business entering the competition, whether or not that business wins the “WIN THIS SPACE” competition. All entrants with feasible business plans can be further contacted with information offers, to assist in further business planning, networking or about available retail property in the City of Pembroke

“WIN THIS SPACE” contest Rules and Regulations are subject to change and updates.

If selected as the Grand Prize Winner (GPW), the candidate agrees to sign a lease for a chosen space from the contest and sign a 2-year lease with the landlord with the first 3-monts of each year of the lease being free. Note that the landlord may require last months rent upon signing of a lease.

The lease agreement will be agreed upon by the landlord/property agent and the candidate, and not involve the City of Pembroke and its partners.

If the Grand Prize Winner (GPW) closes the business prior to the completion of a 2-year lease, there may be consequences set in place by the landlord for terminating a lease early.

Application and Selection Process

The City of Pembroke and its partners/judges can select up to forty (40) applicants to advance to the next phase for additional consideration, and to receive a series of 4 Business Workshops. All other applicants will be informed of their removal from the competition.

The semi-finalists can obtain further assistance with their business plan submission from other business assistance services during the competition, if they choose.  Any/all additional services utilized will be at the candidates own expense and not reimbursed for by the organizers of this competition.

Those invited to join the competition after the initial submission must submit business plans and supporting documents to the City of Pembroke electronically or in-person to the Economic Development Officer by 4:00 pm on Wednesday, March 6, 2019.

The Judging Panel will choose 5 finalists, who will be expected to participate in a live GRAND FINALE presentation to be held on March 25, 2019. The finalists will present their respective business concepts and plans to the judging panel, and be asked to demonstrate via product or electronic media, how the business could be displayed, marketed, etc.

During this appearance, the finalists must be prepared to answer questions from the judges and demonstrate product and business acumen as well as discuss financial planning for the purpose of sustaining a minimum two-year lease.

Following the live GRAND FINALE presentation, the judging panel will select 1 business as the Grand Prize Winner (GPW). The WINNING entry will be awarded the GRAND PRIZE of the choice of one of the spaces in the Win This Space competition. The Grand Prize Winner will be required to sign a two-year lease with the selected landlord and open their business no later than June 25, 2019.

In the event a Grand Prize Winner (GPW) cannot make suitable leasing arrangements to set up their business within 4 months of winning the Grand Prize, then the awarded GRAND PRIZE will be forfeited and can be awarded to an alternate winner as selected by the judging panel to fulfill the role of the winner.

By accepting the Grand Prize incentive package, the winner releases and discharges the City of Pembroke and its partners, participating sponsors, information providers, content providers, advertisers, advertising agencies, promotional and marketing agencies, and any other legal entity involved with or otherwise providing services related to this competition and all their respective employees, officers, directors, representatives and agents from any liability or damage due in whole or in part to the award, acceptance, possession, use or misuse of the Grand Prize or from participation in this competition.

Information regarding the Grand Prize Winner (GPW) will be posted on the City of Pembroke website and will be released to the public through media alerts and other written and oral venues.

Winner’s Obligation

The Grand Prize Winner will be obligated to;

-  Sign a 2-year lease with a property owner of one of the properties available in the Win This Space Contest. The first 3-months of each year of the lease will be free, however, the landlord may require last month’s rent or a security deposit.

-  Open to the general public no later than June 25, 2019 (subject to change).

Should the Grand Prize Winner (GPW) close the business at any time during the two-year lease the property owner/landlord may have legal and financial ramifications that do not involve the City of Pembroke or its partners.