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How do I enter the contest?

On the ‘Win This Space’ section of the City of Pembroke’s website there will be a form to fill out where you input your contact information and your business idea, it is as simple as that! For those who wish to enter in-person they can pick up a submission form at City Hall. The form will be live in Fall/Winter 2018.

Who is eligible to participate in Win This Space?

The competition is open to all legal residents of Canada, 19 years of age or older at the time of submitting a business idea for the “Win This Space" competition. The applicant must be living in Canada.

Is the competition only open to Pembroke residents?

No, "Win This Space" it is OPEN to anyone living in Canada, who wishes to set up a business in Pembroke.

What type of business could I set up as part of Win This Space?

Proposed ideas can be submitted for businesses, which would be independently owned by one person as a sole proprietorship or owned by 2 people as a partnership. (Please note: Franchises are not being considered for the competition.) The business must conform to the zoning by-law for the area. (See below the permitted uses for a C-3 Zone).

Contact Economic Development Officer Heather Salovaara, 613-735-6821 ext. 1500 , if further clarification is needed.

C3 Zoning Permitted Uses

Animal Hospital

Art Gallery

Automobile Sales Establishment

Automobile Rental Establishment

Automobile Service Station

Automotive Store



Broadcasting Studio

Bus Terminal

Convenience Store

Day Nursery

Drive-Through Facility

Eating Establishment

Eating Establishment- Take-out

Educational Facility

Farmers Market

Funeral Parlour

Gasoline Retail Facility

Health Club




Mix Use Building

Medical Clinic



Parking Garage

Parking Lot

Personal Service Establishment

Pet Grooming Establishment

Place of Assembly

Place of Entertainment

Place of Worship

Post Office

Retail Store



Taxi Depot

Testing or Research Lab


Vocational Training Shop

Can you currently own a business and still enter Win This Space?

You sure can! If you have solid multi-tasking skills then submit your idea. Your business idea entry must be with the intent to introduce, open and operate a new business concept, which will offer a new element not promoted in your existing business/location, or expand upon and highlight an element that would be removed from the existing business/location.

Can you submit more than one idea?

Certainly, go right ahead! If you have a few ideas that you feel are viable businesses for Pembroke, then submit them. However, note that only 1 of your ideas can be selected as a top 5 finalist.

How long of a lease will the winner be expected to sign for their new space?

The Grand Prize Winner of Win This Space must be willing to commit to signing a 2-year lease with the first 3-months of each year free of charge.

When would I be required to lease space to set up my new business?

The Grand Prize Winner would need to commit to sign a lease and open a business within 4 months to the day of being awarded the ‘Grand Prize Winner” title.  

Do I need to work in the business on a daily basis?

No, you are not necessarily expected to work in the winning space/business on a daily basis; however, the Business Plan created during the training sessions and subsequently submitted to the judging panel must reflect appropriate salaries and related expenses. These would need to be detailed in your financials.

Who will see my Business Idea Entry & Business Plan submission?

Your business idea entry & business plan submission may be seen by the following: City of Pembroke Economic Development Officer, CAO, Treasurer, Chief Building Inspector, Planning & Building Manager; City Council; Pembroke Economic Development Advisory Committee; members of the selection committee; Pembroke Business Improvement Area Manager & Chair; and instructors for the 3 business workshops and their staff. All submissions will be kept confidential and all selections, judgements and decisions of the selection committee are final and binding.

Other Questions about Win This Space?

Please contact Heather Salovaara, Economic Development Officer for the City of Pembroke, or 613-735-6821 ext. 1500. Best of luck to all who submit an idea! Also please note that "Win This Space" Contest Rules and Regulations will be made available to candidates after the launch. Once the "Win This Space" Rules & Regulations have been read, each candidate will be requested to sign and agree to the terms as specified or withdraw from the competition.

"Win This Space" contest Rules and Regulations are subject to change & updates will be posted on the City of Pembroke website.