The City of Pembroke - The Heart of the Ottawa Valley
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Key Sectors

Competitive Advantages

The City of Pembroke actively pursues new investment into the community, while at the same time, ensuring that existing businesses have the tools they need to succeed.

Secondary Wood Product Manufacturing

The City of Pembroke was founded by the "Lumber Barons" and logging prospectors who first began logging the region in the early 1800's. Today, over 100 forest companies make their home in Renfrew County, which has identical boundaries to the Ottawa Valley Sustainable Forest Licence area.

The forest industry in Renfrew County supports nearly 4,500 jobs:

  • 2,055 direct jobs - 19.3 per cent of regional goods-producing sector employment
  • 1,069 indirect regional jobs

  • 1,295 indirect provincial jobs

  • Primary wood manufacturing over 10 times provincial average

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Health Care
Pembroke Regional Hospital

The Pembroke Regional Hospital is a modern regional health care facility that contributes positively to the local economy, and is responsible for considerable growth in the ancillary health care sector within Pembroke. 

This growing cluster includes: out-patient care; home health care; chiropractic care; nursing and residential facilities; and medical clinics. Another growing health care sub-sector is fitness,  lifestyle and wellness centres that can be found in Pembroke and serve the greater central market population.

Combined employment in these health and related care sectors have a higher than expected concentration (25% greater  than expected) in the Pembroke area. (source: McSweeney & Associates Management Consultants)

Safety Signage

Pembroke’s manufacturing sector benefits a great deal from its direct access to Canada’s major domestic trading market. The combined Quebec and Ontario population of 21.7 million accounts for 62% of the country’s total population. The American market to the immediate south plays a vital role in the export and consumption of locally produced goods.

Pembroke's unique location combined with the skill set of the population and advanced telecommunications allow our manufacturing sector to thrive. 

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Retail Sector

The City of Pembroke and surrounding area has a central market population of approximately 74,000 within a 40km/25 mi. radius. The retail sector of the local economy has grown tremendously, as Pembroke’s position as the largest service centre between Ottawa and North Bay has been solidly established.

As well as a marked increase in the number of national franchise retailers choosing to locate in Pembroke, several “big box” retailers have also located here, increasing the size of the retail cluster, and drawing even more shoppers from outside of the immediate area on a regular basis.