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Community Improvement Plan - Grants for Businesses and Property Owners

As of September 2016 Pembroke has launched it's Community Improvement Plan (CIP). A Community Improvement Plan is a tool used by municipalities to assist in community revitalization and achieving economic, community planning, and urban development goals through encouraging private-sector investment. 

The City offers 9 grant programs through the CIP which range in dollar value, and project type. Most grants are focused on commercial, industrial, or multi-use developments and buildings, with 1 grant focusing on downtown upper-tier residential development. In August City Council allocated $100,000 to the Community Improvement Plan applications and hopes to see businesses and property owners take advantage of this program. 

The 9 grant programs will join the existing Downtown Heritage Façade Program which was introduced in 1999 and has provided grants to downtown businesses and property owners to improve the facades of their buildings. The newly launched CIP includes the following grants:

  1. Accessibility Grant
  2. Affordable Housing Study Grant
  3. Brownfield Property Tax Assistance Program
  4. Downtown Housing Grant
  5. Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) Grant
  6. Façade Improvement Grant
  7. Planning and Building Permit Fee Grant
  8. Project Feasibility Study Rebate
  9. Tax Increment Equivalent Grant
  10. Downtown Heritage Facade Improvement Grant

Anyone interested in learning more about these grants or applying to them is strongly encouraged to contact Heather McConnell, Economic Development Officer at or 613-735-6821 ext.1500. Heather McConnell and Colleen Sauriol, Planning & Building Department Manager are available to sit down with interested applicants to discuss their projects and walk them through the application process.

For the full Community Improvement Plan click here.

For a summary document of available grants click here.

For an application form click here.