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Site Plan Control


Before any site plan control authority given by the Planning Act can be used, the following must be in place and is in place for the City of Pembroke:

  • Official Plan with a description of the proposed site plan control area.
  • Site plan control by-law


Generally, the main purpose for using site plan control is to achieve some control on the design, layout and/or features of a specific proposed development. This control goes beyond the matters regulated under a Zoning By-Law.

This control cannot be used to prevent a use that is permitted by the Zoning By-Law. However, a building permit cannot be issued until plans and drawings are approved by the City.

Note: The City of Pembroke’s Comprehensive Zoning By-Law 97-38 is situated within the Planning section on the City’s website at A list of definitions pertaining to this document can be found within the By-Law.

Site Plan Review Checklist
1. Zoning Conformity Conformity with zoning and other by-law requirements including: (a) Setbacks - zone & special (b) Building Coverage (c) Parking - numbers, dimensions, screening, setbacks (d) Accessory Buildings - permitted or not (e)...
Zoning and Planning
New policies for future planning and development of industrial land are established within the Official Plan of the City of Pembroke. The Official Plan sets forth general guidelines for organized development over the next 20 years. While minimizing conflict between existing and future land use activities, such long term municipal planning has resulted in the provision of more adequate service through more economical means.