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Facade Improvement

Facade Improvement

Service Description

The Downtown Heritage Facade Improvement Program assists property owners in the downtown core area of Pembroke by providing grants to improve the facades of buildings which incorporate a heritage element.

Service Outcome

Façade Improvement Application

General Information

All properties zoned “Central Commercial - C3" by Zoning By-law No. 2010-57, as amended, within project area are eligible for the Facade Improvement Program. Project area is defined as being bounded by Christie Street on the west, Mackay Street on the east, Renfrew Street on the south, and Ottawa River on the north.

This municipal assistance program provides grants to property owners who improve the historical facades of buildings on lands zoned “Central Commercial - C3" within the project area. The maximum grant amount is 50% of the cost to improve the historical content of a building’s facade to a maximum of $5,000.00.

The eligible improvements must contain a heritage component to be considered for a grant.

Required Documentation

  • The subject property must be zoned “Central Commercial - C3”;
  • Outstanding work orders from the City’s Fire Department or Building Department must be fully satisfied prior to grant approval.;
  • The subject property shall not be in a position of tax arrears.
  • If a property for facade improvement is designated under the Ontario Heritage Act, the improvement shall not compromise the reasons for designation.
  • Grants will be approved at the sole discretion of the City. One grant (whether or not the applicant has obtained the maximum allowable grant of $5,000.00) shall be permitted per municipal address/business once every 10 years. If the business moves to a new address the applicant is eligible to apply for a Façade Improvement Grant.
  • All applicable permits shall be applied for and approved prior to construction.
  • The application must be approved prior to commencing any work related to the grant.

Required Forms and Information

Facade Improvement Application