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The Green Energy Act - Ontario Regulation 397/11

The attached Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan fulfils the reporting requirements of the Green Energy Act, providing the municipality with a framework to support continued energy and sustainability initiatives with the built environment as well as operations and programs.  

The Plan further identifies opportunities for continued energy conservation measures and sustainability initiatives to build on existing plans and to further respond to policies identified in the Official Plan. Implementation of all initiatives will be subject to future budget approvals.

The City of Pembroke has many goals and objectives for conserving and otherwise reducing energy consumption and managing our demands for energy. The Municipality is making an effort to focus our energy savings on electrical, heating and cooling consumption, and an energy efficient fleet to create potential savings.  We are also making an effort to spark growth in renewable sources of energy and as new facilities are constructed and others undergo renovations more focus will be given as to energy savings. Many improvements have been made to our facilities in the past to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and many more are ongoing within budgetary constraints. Implementation of all initiatives will be subject to future budget approvals.