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Animal Control


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Pembroke Animal Control Services provides domestic and wild animal services.

Do you have a barking dog next door or a cat at your door and it's not yours? Animal Control can help you solve your problem. By-law 2005-58 and Amending By-law 2006-51 governs all aspects of domestic animals within the city as well as restricted animals. The residents of the city are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the by-law.

License Your Pet

All dogs and cats within the City of Pembroke are required to be registered with a municipal pet tag. Tags are available at city hall as well as from Animal Control. Animal Control will deliver pet tags to resident's homes if unable to get to city hall. All dogs and cats are required to be immunized for rabies every 12 months. There are no exceptions to registration and immunization requirements.

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Stray Animals

Stray dogs and cats are a reality. Animal Control can respond to stray animals within the city simply by residents reporting the location of the animal. Animal Control requests that residents do not take custody of other residents' pets. Those friendly dogs and cats can quickly change in character and as a result, an unfortunate accident can occur.

Animal Control also can take care of that skunk under your step, raccoon in your garbage and that bear in your apple tree.

Biting incidents should be reported to Animal Control. Actions can be taken by Animal Control that can effectively reduce the chance of a reoccurring bite. Dogs or other animals that bite people are not permitted in the city.

Contact Information:

Michael Street, Animal Control Officer

669 Barron Canyon Rd

Pembroke ON   K8A 6W7

Phone:  (613) 401-6100


Adoption and Lost & Found

None available at this time.

Pet adoption at animal control is ALWAYS free of charge. Dogs and cats that are not claimed in three days are property of animal control and can be given to a new loving and responsible home. Adoption is fast, simple and without application forms. Animal Control puts all pet responsibilities back into the pet owners' hands and therefore does not interfere in persons choices of spaying, neutering and veterinarians. Animals for adoption are only a phone call away.